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Created 20-03-17
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Items For Sale WPC decking
Description well-known brands showing a sales decline brand less than 10, some invested a lot of cost to participate in low-cost war enterprises, sales even more than in 2005 Down, the reason, first, to the previous year in Sichuan factory foreign small and medium enterprises began to force this year, grab some of the market share, the second is the new rise of the domestic brands such as the new elephant, Santa Rhone, Kenuo Senhua, Ken Dili and foreign companies such as Kyrgyzstan floats and other sales rose sharply, resulting in the previous two years in the cutting edge of the well-known brands showing a sales decline, this reason also forced them to devote all this year into the price war. A floor dealer lament, in recent years, the upstream real estate prices, as the downstream industry, in the production costs rose sharply in the grim situation, the non-up or fall, or even fall or fall, who do not want to fight the price war, we are heart Bleeding, while clenched teeth battle, really forced to go, so go on, at least 1/3 of SMEs in 2007 will be washed away. Related links: [url=]traders of wood plastic composite flooring in dubai[/url] [url=]cheap wood for sale for decking[/url] [url=]solid composite post decking[/url]
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