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Created 20-03-17
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Items For Sale WPC decking
Description reinforced composite wood flooring the original aircraft and manned spacecraft for a long time in the air, the air is beneficial to the material will gradually consume, work in this environment People will feel difficulty breathing, easy to dry, etc., after the aircraft or manned spacecraft to use the product, the flight or astronauts in high altitude, air quality like a forest-like, to solve the problem of air purification and upgrading, like China's recent launch Of the Shenzhou 6 manned spacecraft, with 50 grams of the company's products will be able to ensure that astronauts get comfortable, good air. The product technology in the international are leading, wide application prospects. For example: ordinary reinforced composite wood flooring contains formaldehyde release, E1 level of the floor release of 1.5mg / L, E0 level of 0.6mg / L. At present, many manufacturers are widely speculation of the E0-level floor is also the release of formaldehyde wood flooring, and with Madran super purification treasure after 12 process processing of composite wood flooring Related links: [url=]building a bench with a backrest[/url] [url=]plastic lumber joinery[/url] [url=]composite deck as siding[/url]
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