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Created 18-05-16
Owner juanjuan075249
What's On in Hemel Usually an order will be completed FF14 Gil
Description gold is considered as one unit. the purchased gold amount below is also considered as one unit Buyer should put up at least one worthless item for one unit. For example, if a buyer purchased ArcheAge gold, the buyer should put up at least three items at Auction House, and each item should be made the price gold.Why the amount is gold, but not gold? Someone may ask. Here we would like to let buyer know that if you shop at Mmogah, Mmogah will afford the Trade Fee for our buyers. So the amount of gold per gold is actually the Trade Fee it should be , but we pay more that ArcheAge will take away.After that buyer should notify our Customer FF14 Gil Reps which items they put up at Auction House via Live Chat, or leave messages when they place orders with us.Please make the put up time Hours.Please see all the details in below images. The last but not the least, please be aware of thatAn order especially a large amount gold order may not be completed one time due to gold stock situation. Usually an order will be completed within hours. However there are maybe chances that few orders cannot be finished within hours in some particular situations such as some servers lacking gold stock. In this situation, we will let our buyers to put up items again if buyers also want to continue the trade with us, and we will responsible for the pervious Deposit Fee that buyers paid for the items.It may have risk to buy archeage gold, so if the gold that a buyer bought was taken away by Trion, because it is out of our control, we do not responsible for this loss. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us via Live Chat any time, and wish you all had fun in ArcheAge World!Tagsarcheagearcheage goldmmogahThe No. good news you’ll be able to use flying mounts in Draenor. Believe it or not. I have written an article which is named No Flying Mounts in Future Expansions in World of Warcraft. There lots of wowers expressed their ideas. Now the topic has new progress. You’ll be able to spread your wings and fly on a dragon or a robot
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