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Created 26-10-16
Owner LindaLi
Title Talking about High Frequency Welding
About me Ten structural welders are standing in a parking lot talking about High Frequency Welding. One of them says, "I think I'm gonna see if I can't get into a pipe school and learn to weld 6G." The wise guy in the crowd (feeling threatened) says: "Why would you want to do that? You want to just be doing the same weld all day long - anyone can do that!" Why is the wise guy mouthing off? It's because he's scared. Structural welding jobs are hard to find right now. Pipe welders are in high demand around the globe. And guess what? Not everyone can do it. Only about 5% of welders are pipe welders. Why? To be a pipe welder means getting an official certification that you can do an X-Ray quality weld on a pipe joint which in a fixed (unmovable) position at 45 degrees. Pipe is round. Between the round pipe and the 45 degree position, a 6G welder must be capable of welding in virtually every position known to man. If that sounds hard, check this out: The first pass on a pipe joint is an open root. That means the two pieces of pipe are not touching each other. The gap can typically be 3/16" or 1/8". The two pipes are held together by four tack welds, one at 12, 3, 6, and 9 O'clock. The root is the hardest to master. Making an X-Ray quality weld while fusing to pieces of pipe across a gap which is roughly as wide as the filler rod on your welder is an art. However, it is a learnable art. Can you sing really well? If you can, that is a God-given talent. Very few talents are gotten by just popping out of mama. Singing is one of the few. Most talents can be achieved to a "World Class" level, by anyone with average skills. This was not always thought to be the case. However, recent brain studies prove it is true. If you have average eye-hand abilities, you can be a RF Welding Machine , with enough critical practice. Critical practice is where you take your abilities to the edge every time you practice.
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