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Created 25-02-14
Owner valanjosh
Heading Clear and Brilliant Procedure nyc
Description The majority of the skin’s aged appearance is a result of the sun exposure you’ve had when you were twenty years younger or more. The skin begins to lack luster, the coloration becomes splotchy, and “liver” spots show, fine lines develop and pores may become bigger. Technological advances in laser devices continue to deliver successful treatment with less downtime. Fraxel Clear and Brilliant can improve the sun damaged skin and provide a smoother and more brilliant surface of the face, neck, chest, arms and hands. When people are concerned about their appearance and become interested in improving the photodamage, it is often too late to restore the type of skin they desire. Even with aggressive lasers, down time and risks of scarring, these ablative laser resurfacing treatments can not turn back the hands of time three decades.
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