Graham Frederick Young


Graham Frederick YoungGraham Frederick Young

"The Bovingdon posioner"

Convicted and credited with the murder of three people, it is only by sheer luck by those concerned that his total did not reach at least 9 people. Graham Young was a smartly dressed and intelligent child, or so it appeared! Born 7th September 1947 in Neasdon, a suburb in Greater London. As a child he was obsessed with anything Nazi, Adolf Hitler was his hero, he was also intrigued by black magic and poisons.

He poisoned his stepmother over a long period of time with a lethal mixture of antimony and thallium. He also attempted to poison his father, sister and a friend. He was committed to Broadmoor secure psychiatric hospital in 1962 and not released until February 1971. He allegedly told a nurse when leaving Broadmoor that he intended to kill one person for every year he had been detained. He was sent to a government training centre where he befriended and then poisoned, although not fatally, 34 year old Trevor Sparkes. Not long after this he got a job as a storekeeper he worked at a photographic company who made the fastest camera available at the time. at a shop in Bovingdon Hertfordshire.

He had only been working there a short while when there was a spate of strange sickness sweeping through the other workers. Nicknamed the "Bovingdon Bug" many fell ill, the storeroom manager Bob Egle eventually dying from the fatal dose of poison that Young had been slipping into the tea. Fred Biggs the distribution manager also died, but luckily three others who had been taken seriously ill, survived. Suspicion fell on Young, and after investigating his background; police moved in and arrested him on 21st November 1971. When arrested police found a lethal dose of thallium in his pocket. He was committed for trial at St. Albans crown court in July 1972, while in the dock he told warders that if convicted he would break his neck on the dock rail, he never carried this through. Graham Young was convicted, he died of a heart attack while serving a life sentence in Parkhurst prison on 1st August 1990, he was 42 years old.