The White Hart Hemel Hempstead


The White HartThe White Hart

"The Old Town, Hemel Hempstead"

Many customers of this delightful pub, which dates back in parts to 1530, have experienced a feeling of sheer terror when approaching the stairs, and more than one member of the staff has actually refused to go near the stairs at all.

In the 18th century, recruits for the Army and Navy were usually press-ganged into service. Any young man, who was apparently alone, could be literally grabbed and dragged off to the nearest camp to be compulsorily pressed into service.

One of these victims was a rather tall, good-looking young lad who was quietly sipping his ale one night in the bar of the White Hart, when he was confronted by a bunch of drunken soldiers, who had decided to “press him. In the ensuing fight, the lad, fighting for his freedom, put up a good struggle but died at the foot of the stairs. The feeling of sheer terror in the young lad’s heart at the time has echoed down through the years, and the same feeling of terror is still often experienced in the modern day.

The figure of the lad has been seen several times, standing at the foot of the staircase, still showing the intense feeling of terror in his face, as he relives the last few moments of his earthly life.