Art and Culture Hemel Hempstead

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'Boy with Cat' John Mills 1962 Hyperion Court 'Boy with Cat' John Mills

1962 Hyperion Court Highfield HH

'Development of Man'

A.H. Gerrard 1955


'Girl Combing Hair'

Sydney Harpley 1962

'Discus Thrower' 1960

'Henry V111'

R A Sandys 1966

'Metal Sculpture' Clifford Owens

'Pump & Lamp' Joseph Cranston 1835'Pump & Lamp' Joseph Cranston 1835 St Johns Road HH

'Reclining Figures' Sydney Harpley 1962

'Residents Rainbow' Rosemary Slinn 1962

'Rock & Roll' Hubert Yencesse 1962

'The History Tree' Peter Parkinson 1993 Marlowes

'The Plough'

'Tile Mosaic Map' Rowland Emett 1960 Car Park HH

'Waterplay' Michael Rizzello 1993